Smart Car


With its compact dimensions and details of the interior of the Fisher-Price, and now, 2011 may seem two-seater Smart Fortwo new toys. Leave shall not be returned to training, the experience is real city car and the fun in city traffic. But after the meeting seriously Fortwo many, many buyers will be better served by more conventional small cars or hybrids. Fortwo 2011, in slow motion, I feel very fresh and fast. But in the suburbs, especially in fines fortwo-cons in a crowded, difficult to climb, according to the interior, lack of energy and treatment of problems of serious doubt. Remember that fuel consumption in the real world is not much better than four or five other passengers of small cars and models; Wow factor is the reality.What is really worth more oohs and has fortwo is inside. Although only two places you can easily make more than six feet high, with more than enough room for everyone. What is disappointing is the lack of cargo space fortwo a little ‘more. It’s really not much room behind the seats, with the exception of a small number of shopping bags is. The panel also feels like a flashback to 1990 econobox years.Decent, if there are large funds failed a test, something redemptive and standard antilock and stability control and side airbags, and called the Tridion safety cage is the protection of large vehicles. But time, convenience, connectivity and technical, is crucial for some consumers, Fortwo is very sterile. Pure basic model does not appear, but the passion and BRABUS sports luxury models to add more features, but at a much higher price.

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