Range Rover

Pedigree of the SUV market is high, and not a luxury SUV has more pedigree Land Rover Range Rover. The name comes from Land Rover in 1948, when the Rover Group has begun construction of a huge skeleton of 4×4 off-road. The Range Rover was built on this tradition in 1970, calculated as the first Land civil enough to be driven by a person in a suit Rover. With its front and solid rear axle, shaft speed, V-8 engine and four speed manual transmission, two-door car was primitive by today’s standards. But immediately popular with consumers in the UK with a rich aesthetic sense of Safari. Sales is not officially start in Germany until 1987, although very few were imported Range Rover before the gray zone of years.Now in its third generation of Land Rover Range Rover Sport still carries great prestige. SUV is one of the most capable SUV available at any price. From the point of view of the luxury car market is probably the most elegant and society, despite the sharp edges. High prices keep all but the wealthiest to buy a new Range Rover that only the elite use of this 4×4.

Article Source : Range Rover

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