Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander is certainly a reflection of the area offers excitement. From the beginning, the body style and the sleek design and attractive each time it passed the application. In terms of performance, supporting the best of them, carrying out kidnappings HP only for dogs, in terms of time and energy to push the pedal. When using inside, a lot of space for passengers and cargo for the acquisition, the question arises, the coffee made in a highly competitive environment Outlander with style and functionality.Trace Sport SUV Outlander Mitsubishi Outlander, but smaller, less cargo space and rear. This is less flexible, because the brothers and sisters, and acceleration is adequate. Outlander SE Sport (MSRP $ 23,995 warheads), is 148 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine feels weak and overall mileage is 23 mpg. Continuously variable transmission rates remain high, causing the engine noise. Braking is very good. Results 60-40 of folding back a modest 25 cubic feet of cargo space.

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