Mercedes Benz


Year 1955 will be the best times and difficult times for the Mercedes-Benz. In April of epic racing engines of all time. In Italy, won the famous Mille Miglia, Stirling Moss 300SLR Mercedes-Benz two-seat 1000 spectators jammed mile highway that leads to the separation speed of 100 mph. Beside him, stolid British journalist Denis Jenkinson, Arches paper said. It ‘was a spectacular victory, and Moss, 80 this year, with his best wishes and Mercedes.

Two months later, Pierre Levegh 300SLR laughs again, this time at Le Mans. The car appeared in front of me, a slowdown in the car so Levegh Veer. He hit hard, Mercedes began in the sky, hits the floor of the bank at high speed. Fix the car, turned off the engine and its components, and then the body still burning. Levegh and 83 spectators were killed and 100 wounded in the worst of the breed. In a sign of respect, withdrew 300SLR Juan Manuel Fangio Mercedes, but the race continues. Mercedes racing car was near the road version, the SL 300 car, gull-wing doors were the flights of giant birds of prey. These days 300SL rises to £ 300,000 at auction.

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