Maserati can be developed on how the next generation of hybrid system in its class. Ferrari is part of the campaign. In order to improve fuel consumption and carbon emissions of its cars have shown recently, HY-599 will have their KERS for 2010 Geneva Motor Show and Maserati are not left behind.


Both luxury brands are no longer in the same unit of Fiat, the Italian Stallion, but he has more resources for the Maserati. It would be reasonable Ferrari Maserati technologies used to expedite the procedure.
Maserati’s future, and several kilograms of their cars, small scales are heavy compared to competitors. You can also use part of the period, opening the way for emissions in other vehicles. Maserati can really determine the hybrid. One of them is the price a bit ‘less than the Ferrari. They also pushed onto the street. Cleaning is really trendy green Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati Trident Green.


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