Hummer H2 SUV and SUT Hummer brand is sold by General Motors’. This is a great car (the equivalent of more subtle Hummer H1), while the longer, heavier and bigger, with room for six people (including the driver), seven passengers on a limited number of models. H2 SUV back home is a big bucket of H2 SUT 2005 (; Sport Utility Truck;) changed. Both SUVs and H2 SUT will soon be interrupted by the end of 2010 together as a model for GM’s Hummer brand. It ‘was one of the trucks in their writings HUMMER grid. Hummer H2 Custom Carpet Mats – Front Set – GM are ideal for the storage of waste outside of commercial vehicles of love for feet. Carpets are made of nylon and clean for many years without being worn and ugly.Hummer H2 SUT Sport Utility Truck is really General Motors Corporation, modeled after their vehicles HMMWV (Humvee) military. H2 is not big, but bigger and, in contrast with the original Hummer. SUT is the same as his father, a Hummer H2, H2, unless you have a regular small bed bay.Hummer H2 SUT cargo version includes air transportation (backstage) and a sunroof, as is the norm. Hummer H2 SUT Adventure version includes options for a new version is shield and tubular rear cross boot, rubber floor mats, AM / FM, CD changer for six discs, HUMMER first aid and the suspension caused by the brush of air compressors on board.Hummer H2 is a closed system, which is not required as a storage truck bed for loading and cleaning. Other accessories for the Hummer H2, and insert a guide bed frame (with removable key).

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