Competitor Honda SUV series is a kind of high-profile gathering, the crossover segment over the last decade, the introduction of many excellent ride comfort, interior packaging and overall efficiency due to the lack of a traditional SUV. The construction of the unity of the body remote control, fully independent suspension, has helped the SUV segment, in order to improve the ride quality, earning top crash safety assessment, more space and reduces fuel consumption. The first pilot, a recipe for performance of functions, including competition with the model simulations arc of the third decision of a player without all-wheel drive and easy on the inside.

Honda Pilot offers a unique view of the width of the front wheel 67.7 cm and 67.5 cm in front and internal stability. frame with a maximum movement of the body under control with the management and treatment to ensure safe and sustainable. The use of pilots in a completely isolated from the front and back of the base to use exceptional control NVH that can better be quiet and safe.

The driver of the Honda, in conjunction with the crossover SUV platform, safety, packaging and transport services project unit of the body, while the typical consumer is usually accomplished using a solid versatility of an SUV. remote platform with high rigidity have been isolated from the front and back of the base is the basis for most of the advanced features, including an excellent transfer efficiency, exceptional comfort, efficiency and effectiveness of security suite world class. Resistance to the SUV, which inspires confidence and traction light snow, moderate off-road capacity 8.0-inch ground clearance and a maximum tow rating in four years, 500 pounds (4WD models) are supported.

Honda competitor is designed to provide exposure comfortable, safe and fun for the amount of opportunities, the ability of eight-passenger SUV with superior off-road ability or towing capacity of 4,500 pounds (4WD). In 2009, Honda’s engineers have priority for all drivers of the fuel economy of new and used Variable Cylinder Management, a technology company of art by one or more models. Low emissions, high torque and low cost of living is also the main development objectives. Honda Pilot is a powerful crossover SUV, designed for quality and durability, with a high degree of functionality and comfort. The unit body structure with independent suspension and offers a car like the unity of knowledge, work with sharp and smooth, predictable ride.

Honda Pilot crossover SUV is the most innovative and successful remained on the market, was wise enough, next year the new standard Honda. Apart from some changes to cut the option in 2011 is comparable to male drivers, drivers of SUVs can have this season. impressive performance and increase fuel consumption are just some of the features of the new test. For more information on the relationship between our study of the 2011 Honda Pilot full. 2011 Honda Pilot is virtually unchanged from last year. Navigation EX-L has now been the method of rear entertainment is included in the model of tourism.LX, EX and EX-L and Touring: 2011 Honda Pilot SUV average in four trim levels are offered. Each is available with front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. LX has steel wheels, 17 inch, central locking with remote control, rear window, tow bar, automatic headlights, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, cruise control, front and rear air conditioning, 60 -40 seconds and code third largest bank, and the audio system with seven speakers, CD/MP3 player and auxiliary input.

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