Honda Fit

Honda Fit offers five-speed manual ($ 14,900), and perhaps five-speed automatic ($ 15.700). Standard equipment includes 15 inch wheels, exterior mirrors blacks, adjustable steering column, an additional input for your iPod, MP3 player and 160-watt stereo with four speakers. Honda Fit is one of the highest rated car in initial quality study by JD Power measured. Quality brands total of 90 days of ownership, in the fall, the middle class, limited to the interior and furnishings. Mount the current generation does not include the sale of sufficient length is available, the reliability of research by JD Power.Honda Fit is amazingly agile and feels light and agile in corners. Only the 2500 Honda Fit joints rapidly accelerates to 60 mph in 9 seconds. Most critics note that the top management and acceleration. Despite the high engine speed is a bit ‘strong. Fit monocoque structure uses a high percentage of steel with high strength and rigidity without excess weight. The handles and corners well, the frame fits completely dissolved, compared to competitors, as many critics, including car and driver registered.Honda Fit is the mainstream, and manufacturers of new cars from SUVs to move, are fun to use, efficient and innovative compact car. Many of the interior provides comfort for the driver and passengers plenty of space and head. The cargo area can be found in gasoline so small that even the rear seats to be developed, but can be converted at the headquarters of configuration flexibility and significantly increase cargo space. VTEC 4-cylinder engine allows for reduced fuel consumption, while five-speed transmission is standard, automatic transmission may also be available.Honda Fit has become popular small internal combustion engine with over 3.5 million copies sold worldwide. With five doors, five seats and cargo space is flexible enough for some, but small enough to park valuable for the development of the city. Sports and riders to complete the treatment. For about $ 15,000, provides 31 mpg Honda Fit, the course of many hybrids.

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