Honda Element

Honda Element is a bit ‘quirky personality, but maintains the ultimate goal of providing practical, environmentally friendly cars for people with active lifestyles. With the entry of competitors that have better opportunities, there are many possible combinations of the places you happy and to increase consumption in the prices of basic four-cylinder cars are relatively low only called. Honda Element is the car, the SUV, one part milk psychedelic breaks. The only thing that we were there.And ‘cheap, useful, and comes with Honda reliability. Investing in relation to cars in the world, reminds us today, the Volkswagen Microbus. As it was cheap, funky and intensely practical. But unlike the Microbus item is safe, strong, internally heated and cooled, and to start the day. Honda Element too long in the tooth, the card is not refined and the interior could use some premium materials. The technology is not at all. Not many of these things next time the bicycle 100 miles throughout the week or work, is able to provide bicycles to work and back on the ball with little effort and a lot of simple dishes. It ‘hard to do with the SC, must have a talent for business, and that $ 24K is not worth the price.Honda Element is a series of safeguards that will help you safely and save on car insurance can be. The safety function is the most important thing is connected to the car but the driver will never be able and capable. 2010 Honda Accord LX comes with a five-speed automatic disc brakes on all four wheels to four wheels, five cup holders, air conditioning, AM / FM stereo with CD player, rear defroster windows, rear windows, dual power mirrors, control cruise control, power tilt, rear wiper / washer, power windows, alloy steel, curtain airbags, side airbags, a system for monitoring tire pressure, anti-braking system (ABS) and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) . The EX version adds a five-speed manual (4-wheel drive only), alloy wheels, more than 270-watt seven-speaker audio system with MP3 playback capability, removable center console cooler, 16-inch alloy wheels, auxiliary audio input.2011 Honda Element focus on usability. In the case of pain, seek, convinces him to repeat the evaluation element. However, buyers should find comfort and elegance is probably elsewhere. 2011 Honda Element will not win many games on the road with his modest four-cylinder engine, but it is soft and ideal for everyday use and travel regularly. Item record is surprisingly flexible and agile, even if the journey is much stronger than the average compact crossover. The window in the form of the element with the wheel down a large amount of air that produces a significant amount of wind noise at high speeds.2011 Honda Element has not been evaluated, while the new government crash tests more challenging. Its 2010 Notes (which are not comparable with 2011 tests) were a perfect five stars for frontal and side collisions. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an element of the score; Good in frontal and side impact tests. If you want power, 2011 Honda Element offers the possibility of 166 hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder, 161 Nm of torque and power, the combination of five-speed automatic. Both LX and EX versions can be designed with front-wheel drive or full. Fuel consumption is respectable at 20 mpg city and 25 mpg on the road together with the element of competition with the Ford Escape, Jeep Compass and Nissan Rogue.Safety is standard with a standard part of the Honda 2011, side airbags as standard, curtain airbags, ABS and electronic stability program with traction control. The rear view camera is optional. Element 2011 is available in two versions, the LX and EX, both the power (Honda calls the four-wheel drive), or four-wheel drives can buy. Remember to watch the Honda Element Honda now offers will not be complete. 2011 Honda Element is the small changes during the model year 2010. If you want to point you must start next year. Honda has announced that the next element of the production model 2011 and can certainly

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