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Ford Focus, Ford is the input level from the beginning of the new millennium. This model of pre-loader is far from luxurious, but surprisingly a lot of points on the wheel of his character an affordable price, style, expression, and available in various body styles have contributed to one of the most popular cars in the world Ford. Introduced for the 2000 model Ford Focus has been designed, Paris Motor Show, the world around you is sold as the base of the car in Germany. To reassure European buyers, focused on efficiency and direction of communication.Since then, Ford has given the second generation of access to European markets. American accent has remained relatively unchanged under the skin. As such, it is the ultimate solution for small cars in recent years. Ford has been updated to address an important style for the 2008 model year, however, and is sufficiently effective to focus remains a viable option for new small cars, in particular to focus on consumer value. If a used car, the Ford Focus is a good option, especially since the fall of the residual value of imports of competing brands’, usually associated with a lower price reflects the purchase.The emphasis is now available in coupe and sedan. Four doors are available in sizes S, SE, SES and SEL trim, the SE and SES Coupe. All Focus models are powered by 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine that produces 140 horsepower. cars sold in California, the emissions of its own version of this engine is the PZEV certification, good for 130 hp. A five-speed manual is standard with four-speed automatic optional.

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