Dodge Avenger

Dodge Avenger R / T all-wheel method is generally passive and power is transferred to the front wheels. However, when driving conditions are hazardous and extra traction is needed, calculate the flow Avenger AWD system in response to the throttle wheel and transfers any angle. E ‘fuel consumption well with any operating system, this time by limiting the power of friction and inertia. Electronically controlled Avenger Union (CEC), an IT strategy is to calibrate a better, more flexible, more accurate and cheaper than a viscous coupling or torsos Gerotor pump systems. Dodge Avenger will be in three vehicles on the assembly line all the cars in Sterling Heights (Michigan) (Shap) was constructed, called the Chrysler Sebring sedan and Chrysler Sebring Convertible. Editing Dodge Avenger is a full conversion, including updates to the various structures, improve productivity, quality and ergonomics of the employee. Shap mix differences in ease of assembly of the three product models and tests for fourth place.

Dodge Avenger now offers video entertainment system for rear seat (SEV). This technique allows the rear passengers Dodge Avenger, movies, music and audio / video devices with video games and music players to enjoy. This unit is mounted console, DVD player with 7-inch screen, LCD, battery powered remote control and two wireless headphones surround sound. These devices, DVD, WMA, MP3 and CD radio. In addition, further input on the front panel display YouTube videos from the camera, all passengers Avenger start playing video games or listen to music from a portable MP3 player, very good.

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