Bugatti celebrates its first hundred years of activity this year, but burns supercar company revealed that more than a compass for the future. Century after Ettore Bugatti built the business, you can see the next stage of car from 2009 16C Galibier. According to Interior, the Bugatti, the automaker is considering three models proposed for the new generation of Bugatti. And ‘highly likely exit 16C Galibier, after the Veyron its course by 2012. The body is carbob 16C Galibier with a mixture of fiber and aluminum, the class as a place in your car. The frame is reinforced with reinforced plastic and filled diodes at the ends.

Type 16C Galibier Design Online borrowed the Atlantic 57 during filming, since the lines of communication and the essence of the spine. Interiors are treated with pure luxury. The central panel is made of precious wood, and two lines, indicating the idea of speed and strength. There are also Swiss watchmaker Parmigiani. Bugatti did not disclose all the technical aspects of 16C Galibier, but experts expect the 16-cylinder 8.0l engine used sport can Veyron about 800 people. Instead Turbo 16C Galibier could come from the compressor. Another spec Veyron automatic transmission to shift out of place at 8-speed dual clutch. In the spring of 2010, when production will 16C Galibier, thumbs up.

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